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Without your generosity, none of what we do would be possible. So THANK YOU!

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Name: Felipe Coimbra
IBAN: TR98 0006 2000 0800 0006 6356 85

We need your support for our daily activities. See how you'd like to help below.

Arabic School Books

We buy/print books for our students (100) as well as some children who aren't able to come to our school so that the mothers can teach them at home. Can you contribute to this effort?


Arts & Crafts Materials

Every Friday we have our Arts & Crafts activities for 100 students. They children love it and often times we see their artwork at their homes when we go to visit them. Can you help us to buy the necessary materials every week?


Help to Vulnerable Families

We're in contact with 80+ families that need our help on a regular basis. They either have no men in the home, a lot of children, disabled people, elderly people or nobody is working at the moment. Please, they need our help!


Rent for our Schools

We have rented 2 spaces where we give our classes and run different activities. We pay 350TL / month for one and 400TL for the other one. You can help us to ensure we have a place to educate our kids at.


School & Children Materials

We need to buy papers, crayons, notebooks, some toys for the school activities and family visits. Drawing and playing with the children is a big part of our family visits. If the children are happy, the parents are happy! Please support this effort.


Seed Beads Bracelet Materials

We have many families making bracelets using seed beads. We provide the start kit and all of the materials. We buy everything that they produce.


Sunday Dinners with the Families

Every Sunday night we have dinners with one of more Syrian family. We pay them 200TL + a 4-burner stove + 50TL for gas. Each volunteer pay 20TL for the dinner. You can help us to continue and to expand this activity with the families.


Syrian Teacher Salaries

We've hired five Syrian primary school teachers to teach at our schools. We pay each of them 800TL per month (for 20 hours / week.) This is one of main expenses, but very much necessary. Please help if you can!


Wool Supply for the Knitting Families

We're currently helping 12 families to work from home through knitting. We give them wool every week and then buy whatever they make. We also sell some of the products to continue this program. Would you like to help us too?


Work to School Program

Sponsor children ages 10-16 so they can go back to school instead of having to work!


We need your help with some specific family needs.
Can you join us in these efforts?

Speech Therapist for Ahmed

We got him a hearing Aid. He needs one-to-one help. One of our families is a speech therapists. We're raising some funds to hire them, so they can help Ahmed.
Read their story >>

$205.00 raised


Goal: $1,600.00

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